2. Klassen in Mariazell im Oktober 2019

Our project week in Mariazell


From Monday, 1st October 2018 to Friday, 5th October 2018 all students of Year 2 went to Mariazell. It was great fun! On the first day we went to the Erlauf-lake. We walked for 11km. Then we went to bed in our rooms. On the second day we went to a museum. There we could see how the people from the area lived in the past. On Wednesday we went up the mountain by cable car. On Bürgeralpe we also went to a museum. It was about lumberjacks and we could try out some things and went around a small lake by train. It was really cool! We hiked down and collected some leaves for our Biology project. Our guide explained the different plants to us. We weren’t tired! Then we went shopping in the center of Mariazell without our teachers. On the fourth day we went to a gingerbread bakery and decorated some gingerbread. Yummy! After that we made wax candles. Then there was a disco in the evening. It was great fun and we danced a lot! But unfortunately we had to go back home on the following day. It was a great week for all of us!

Lana Fiel & Esra Iljazi, 2a

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