Mariazell 2015

My class and I went to Mariazell. In Mariazell, I loved everything. Why? Because it was exciting.

On Monday we went by bus to Mariazell. The trip took two and a half hours. We stopped at the radio station in Aflenz. There we went for a walk and then we watched a movie. It was very interesting.

When we arrived at the Bundesschullandheim, we went to our rooms. In my room, there were two bunk beds. They were really cool. We unpacked our bags and went to eat lunch. Then class 2c went to the woods. We stayed for a long time in the woods because we collected leaves for Biology. Classes 2a, 2b and 2d walked for three hours through the Salzaklamm. This was so exhausting but I had fun because the weather was good. In the evening we had a good dinner - we had fish and rice - and some activities. At half past nine the phones were collected. At ten p.m. we went to bed. That was the first day that I liked.

The next day we had breakfast at eight o’clock. We had a very big buffet. There was sausage, cheese, Nutella, jam and cereals. Then we went to a museum. We learned very much about the old days. After the museum we went shopping. Me and my friends went to buy some things for our families. I bought a ball for my little brother and a star sign for my father and for my mother, a necklace. At twelve o’clock we had lunch. After lunch we went to the cable car. We went for a walk on the Bürgeralm. When we were on the mountain we had to finish a worksheet. There was a beautiful view of Mariazell.

On Wednesday we went to a bakery. We decorated gingerbread and we made candles. This was great fun. We ate gingerbread and it tasted very good. The candle smelled very good. We also visited the Basilica. There were lots of famous things to see. And we saw the treasure room with different things. It was so nice. Every evening we had one hour of sport in the gym. We played games, football and basketball, we met the other classes and much more.

And the best day was Thursday where we did sport. In the evening we had a disco. The music was very nice. We danced, we laughed, we were loud. All the children and teachers danced a lot.

Friday was the last day in Mariazell, so I played some games with my friends. In the morning we had to pack our bags. Then we had breakfast. After breakfast we cleaned our rooms. Then the bus came and we went back home. The last day was sad because it was the last day in Mariazell but I was a little happy to see my family again.

It was a great week and we had a lot of fun. Our trip to Mariazell was a great experience. It was a great trip!



Students of 2a, 2b (Lena, Sabrina, Aischa) and 2c (Julia, Bleta, Monika)

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